Desperate, afraid and alone…

You feel desperate, alone, afraid and don’t have a clue how to pray.

It’s okay. You’re okay. You are not EVER alone and you will be okay.
Try to find somewhere you can sit and just be still.
Make certain it’s safe, somewhere you can be undisturbed.
Maybe it’s curbside on street somewhere (if you had to get out of someone’s car).
Maybe it’s a room where you can lock the door (if you need to get away from someone in your home).
Maybe it’s locked inside a car if you’ve been kicked out of the house where you were staying.
Maybe it’s a rest stop if you’re driving across country running away.
Maybe it’s just in a quiet study in your home somewhere.
Maybe it’s a public bathroom in a mall.
Doesn’t matter where it is. Just be sure you use a sense of wisdom and get somewhere where at the very least your surroundings are safe even if you are feeling panicky in your heart.

Once there, take a deep long breath.

And now it’s gonna read like I’m talking at you. Mainly the point of this blog is to provide you with some spiritual ammo so you can feel you can pray for yourself no matter where you are, no matter what is your circumstance, no matter what is up or what is going on.

First and foremost, you are NEVER outside of God’s care.
God is all Spirit and that Being is omnipotent—all powerful—and omnipresent—everywhere. And you are the very idea or expression of God’s being.
So wherever you are, God is RIGHT THERE.

So first and foremost, after you get very still, defend that God is right there. That whole complete right now everywhere all powerful presence of God is right there. And you are safe because you are dwelling in that presence.

Feel God’s allness. No matter how long it takes.

With every suggestion that tries to enter your thought to say you are desperate or all alone, shut it out. You are taking an aggressive mental stand against any and all suggestions that deny God’s presence or your inseparable bond with that presence.

Shut out anything that is denying God’s reality.
Shut out all suggestions that this prayer won’t work, is a feeble attempt, or that you are too stupid to pray effectively.
Shut out all suggestions that you are alone and desperate.
Shut out all suggestions that you need to be doing anything else right now but pray.

Then, as these opposing arguments begin to cease, get right back in thought in the offensive position and affirm your inseparable relationship to the divine.

You are the very expression of God’s being, so you aren’t vulnerable to any counter force.
You have all the wisdom, intelligence, courage and strength you need right at this moment to face whatever it is that you need to.
If you have been rejected by someone you love, fill your heart with an awareness of how much God is loving you this very moment…even if you don’t believe it….even if you are feeling lost without the one you love. Nothing can convince you you are unworthy or unloved or unloveable.

If you have been ousted from family and have been kicked out of their dwelling, embrace yourself in the knowledge that your true parent, your Father/Mother God is right at hand adoring you, embracing you. There is no real power that can shun you from this love…nothing to tear you out of God’s heart. You are a part of the family of mankind where you will always find a safe home to dwell amidst.

If you have just been in a horrible argument with someone you care deeply about who was intoxicated and said horrific untrue things or hurt you in any way, drown your heart in utter humility and forgiveness. You are innocent and you are never ever ever ever the source of another’s pain, no matter what was said, no matter what was accused, no matter what voiced. Right this moment the only thing God is doing is embracing you in eternal Love and that truth can serve to comfort your weary, downtrodden heart.

Cry if you need to….let yourself feel numb if you must….but all the while, keep on reaffirming these truths.

Get so very very still and just bathe yourself in the awareness that whatever you need to know, God is communicating that to you. And whatever you will need to know you will at the moment you need to know it.

Right now, all that matters is that you defend the right now all presence of God’s being, shut out anything and everything that is making you feel like a horrible, weak, desperate human, and embrace yourself in an awareness of your integrity.

In truth, the spiritual reality of God’s being is everpresence. And that is where you dwell. You are always in the arms of divine Love.

Mary Baker Eddy writes in her work Science and Health

“In divine Science, where prayers are mental, all may avail themselves of God as ‘a very present help in trouble.’ Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals.” (p. 12:31)

When you calm down completely and you’re really sure of that, begin to open thought to the next steps you must take. I’ve been in countless situations where I’m outside in the middle of the night and it’s probably not at all wise to stay right there. I’ve also been in situations where staying within the house setting wasn’t wise either.
Listen for whatever it is you feel impelled to do.

Lean on the presence of Love to guide you, comfort you and show you.

In time the whole tumult will cease, even though that may be difficult to see right now.
In time the smoke of this whole battle will lift and you will feel shepherded out of a tough situation.

All that ever ever ever matters whenever you are feeling desperately alone, afraid, or even helpless is that you make yourself completely conscious of the all presence of God and your immediate—right now—inseparable bond. You can always trust that the divine Mind is communicating to you exactly what you need and governing each and every one of your decisions as you seek to know what to do from a place of wisdom and humility and self preservation.

One of my favorites that rings true in this kind of desperate feeling is the Psalm that reads “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

You will rise up out of this muck, whatever it is.
You will move on from this pain, no matter how horrible it feels.
You will see the freedom from conflict, no matter how imprisoning it may feel at present.

Lean on God and let that reliance support your footsteps every next step of the way.

At every turn, wherever there is a pull to deny God’s power, shut it out.
You are safe, loved, cared for, guided and absolutely ONE with divine Love.
You are never ever ever alone so don’t buy that suggestion for a moment.

And what’s more, you can always pray—fill your thoughts with an assured awareness of God’s ever present Love and its constant, complete, assured care.

You are so very loved….and safe… it. Lean on it. And be very gentle and forgiving of yourself.

As always, lemme know if you wanna know more. Just send me a comment and tell me how to be in touch.

Much love to you…and be well….Tre

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3 Responses to “Desperate, afraid and alone…”

  1. Miles Harbur Says:

    hey Tresha

    …i love your blog!

  2. Diana Says:

    You are amazing! I wish I had had the insight that you have when I was younger. In return — you deserve only happiness!!! Diana

  3. Mindy Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your helpful ideas. It’s wonderful that you really FEEL God’s love and presence and are helping others do so too.

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