When someone you love passes on….

I learned recently of someone’s passing who I cared for deeply.
We’d lost touch in the last few years and the news was a real blow…at first.

At the moment I learned, my inner yearning to love and to stand for the life eternal that is God commanded my response to the friend calling me and I felt my words comforted both of us, actually, on the phone call.

But a few days later, when another friend called and let me know, well, the sting was a sharper blow. And I’d already been praying about the whole thing. So I didn’t get this. That second conversation was at night and I walked outside and gazed up at the stars. My first thought after that 2nd phone call was pretty radical. “Tre, do you believe in Life or do you believe in death? Both can not be real. You must choose.”

Whoosh. This absolute authoritative nudge was just what my pendulum thinking needed.

You see, in standing for the eternal Life that is God, what must result from this line of spiritually scientific reasoning is that the individual expressions of that Life never end. The you’s, me’s, our family, friends….we are all individual ideas of that Life that is God, individual expressions of this eternal being. (Mary Baker Eddy explains this thoroughly in her work Science and Health ).

How can the change in how our forms reflect this Life mean an end to our unique, individual expressions? It’s simple. It can’t.

But way more than an intellectual exercise, let me put it more like this. If you’ve ever looked up at the stars and taken in the magnitude of twinkling lights you see up there, that is simply a glimpse at the millions of ways eternal Life is individually expressed. Staring at the Big Dipper, you’re not simultaneously looking at Orion or Casiopeia, but both those constellations are still there, still shining….still exuding light.

With loved ones, the passing feels like an end…but it’s not. Their precious individual expression goes on. Why? Because ideas of Life never expire, retard, or end.

So why the pain or more importantly, what can you do when all you wanna do is cry and feel ‘if only I’d kept in touch’ or ‘oh to be able to see him again’….

Well, hug your heart and treat yourself like you would a child. Remind yourself that the divine Love that comforts and sustains each one us who we each express is right now right here comforting you and supplying you with just the right view of truth so that you can feel free of any sense of loss.

And while you are striving to feel comforted, dive into thought and defend the Life that is God, never beginning, never ending. Defend your loved one’s expression of this Life. He or she is continuing their journey no matter if we can see or feel him or her with our physical senses. Death is never the right verdict and you have the right, the strength, and the spiritual intuition to refuse to give your consent to that verdict—the whole point of Jesus’ life journey.

The pull to feel sad and to miss that loved one is really a call to love more fully, wholly, spiritually. I know, the last thing you may be thinking at that moment of deeply missing someone is ‘what am I supposed to learn right now? How am I supposed to be thinking?”

But Love doesn’t ever stop. And Life doesn’t ever end. And you and all express both eternally. So at the moment that you are feeling deeply missing someone, turn thought to God as a willing child and ask to know how to love more wholly so that the pull of self and ego that wishes to hold onto a form can yield to the awareness that trust that loved one’s journey with God.

When I’m praying this way, I hold thought to a hugely comforting truth penned by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health.

“The identity, or idea, of all reality continues forever…’(p. 71:5)

You, your loved one, me, all of us are spiritual ideas which our forms simply reflect. But none of us–our real identities–are ever confined exclusively to these forms. Love this loved one wholly, spiritually, and defend for him or her that they are continuing to exude Life, are ever one with God and are safe and well.

Trust him or her to God. It is the highest, the only, way to love. And what’s more, it will heal your heart of all pain and feeling of loss. No loss….simply gain ….in the knowledge of the wonder and glory and beauty of eternal Life each one of us exudes, now and forever.

I will continue to pray like this for my friend. I know he is dancing and singing and exuding joy. I’m certain he’s insisting we all do so as well!


For further information on any of the ideas above, to talk about Mary Baker Eddy or her life’s work, Science and Health, just leave a comment and /or email me at: tresha.cs@mac.com

Thanks for reading and sharing your view…..

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One Response to “When someone you love passes on….”

  1. Mindy Says:

    In response to your friend passing, I thought of an amazing sympathy card a friend gave me when my precious husband passed. I guess one reason it touched me because it was about an OAK tree (our last name is Oakes). It was the most special card I got and I got lots. The card has a poem on it:

    The Oak Tree

    A mighty wind blew night and day.
    It stole the oak trees leaves away.
    Then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark
    until the oak was tired and stark.
    But still the oak tree held it’s ground
    while other trees fell all around.
    The weary wind gave up and spoke,
    “How can you still be standing Oak?”

    The oak tree said, “I know that you
    can break each branch of mine in two,
    carry every leaf away,
    shake my limbs, and make me sway.
    But I have roots stretched in the earth.
    Growing stronger since my birth.
    You’ll never touch them for you see,
    They are the deepest part of me.
    Until today, I wasn’t sure
    Of just how much I could endure.
    But now I’ve found, with thanks to you,
    I’m stronger than I ever knew.”

    Thanks for all your loving and helpful thoughts.

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