Keeping peace amidst unfamiliars

I was feeling anxious this morning.
I’m helping out my sister by taking care of her pets and home while she’s on a business trip for a week. The home is spacious, the room she’s offered me fully private and equipped, and the pets are precious. So why the anxious feeling?

Nothing is familiar to me here. Well, familiar in a sense that I’ve visited here a few times before in the past 3 years. But strictly on the surface, this is my sister’s home, not mine. And I was feeling a bit longing for familiars this morning.

But it’s not a feeling I’m ‘unfamiliar’ with. Goodness knows at times I feel an expert in detecting when that achiness comes that says ‘red flag alert: you are now feeling disconnected to your sense of peace.’ Yeah, I kinda know that feeling well enough to know that when it comes, you don’t have to just sit there and wallow or pine for familiars or worse, feel anxious until you leave or expedite your exit.

Right at that moment of feeling a disconnect, it is possible to shift thoughts and re-establish your connectedness with Spirit in order to feel that sense of inner peace you long for.

Why? Because no matter where you are, no matter the setting or circumstance, your spirituality is an unchanging fact.

This morning I remembered that. And that gave me peace. But I felt more strongly a sense of how many days it will be before I was going to be home. And so I knew I had to do more than just ‘remember’ my spirituality. I had to advocate it for myself and vehemently.

So here’s a glimpse at how I prayed:

Right now, this very moment, the universe is created and governed and sustained by the divine Mind, God. And right this moment, the only law governing all reality, including me, is the law of Love. Right this moment, each of Mind’s ideas are in fact held in the embrace of the divine and can only experience, feel, know and live this consciousness, this awareness of peace. Right now, this moment, I am one of Mind’s ideas. I am God’s child and as such I am being mothered and fathered, adored and loved, cared for and sustained and upheld in divine Love’s embrace. Thus all I can know, feel, experience or live is the grace and tender touch of the divine.

All that wallows disconnectedness, emptiness, or a feeling of being cut off from all that I am about—all of this is nothing more than a gross imposition of untruths, and just like a lie can not ever tell the truth, I can not be misinfluenced by these erring suggestions. I know that these suggestions are not my thought and can not base my being or define my experience. Right now, just as the black clouds roll back and show the shining rays of the sunlight’s glow, I am one with the rays of light. My thoughts can not be touched by gross impositions of any form of evil—whether disguised as loneliness, emptiness, or feeling numb.

The only truth about my being is that this moment I am the expression of Love’s grace. I can only feel, know, breathe, embody and exude the fullness of love. I can only sense the touch of Love’s care. Even amidst a very large home or big city, even there is God’s tender touch caring for me and all.

So this moment, no sense of disconnect has any validity and I can not be robbed of my precious oneness to the divine. The truth of my being, my inseparable relation to the divine has never been undone. And this truth enforces itself.

I held to these truths all morning and within a very small time, I felt reconnected if you will. My sister’s home became to me the oasis for the moment – my sanctuary where I can go about my moments and days just as if I were in the familiars of my own setting.

In truth, there really can’t ever be a disconnect between each of us and our sense of spirituality. And it remains our inherent right to prove this truth each moment of our days….thought by thought….
Thanks so much for reading my blog! :)If you have any questions about the above ideas, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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3 Responses to “Keeping peace amidst unfamiliars”

  1. kim Says:

    Yea! Great site and welcome to blog land!!

  2. Yok Says:

    Yes, that’s what I tell myself. It’s God’s universe there is no such thing as an unfmailar space since all things are about God’s love. If I’m aware of God’s love, I’ll still be aware whether I’m in Alaska or on the moon.

    Having the awareness makes it easier to the beauty of every day.

  3. Mindy Says:

    Hi DEAR Tre, I’m so glad your peace was restored. I wish I could FEEL God’s love like you do. I really liked the idea “Right NOW the only law governing me is the law of Love.” I’m going to keep affirming that one 🙂 Thanks!


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