Off to a blogging conference…without a functioning laptop…..:)

Quickie post here just to let ya know that I’m off to the conference in Chicago and just a few hours ago my ibook went kerplunk. No power. No extra battery and it’s been on the brink a bit.

So…thought by thought, I’m knowing that I have all I need right this moment to glean what all I need to from the event, and that if I need technological help, I’ll know what steps to take to find it. On a practical basis, there’s a coupla apple stores near where I’m staying.

On the immediate surface, the mental pull was to panic a bit…it’s like trying to trail run without running shoes. But so much has come together well for me to be able to go to this event. And my comprehension of my oneness to divine Mind, the only source of intelligence, just stands with conviction that at every step of the way, I’ll know what I need to …whether to get help troubleshooting a repair, borrowing a friend’s laptop or just knowing there will be options for me to both blog and to take notes…

 This knowing is not wishful thinking. It’s spiritual clarity, conviction of a life never separated from Spirit…..And to me this is a minor thing. In the overall scheme of thing, to attend this meeting, held in a very posh gathering spot in one of this country’s largest cities..well, such an option isn’t even fathomable to millions of brothers and sisters around the globe who may never have even been online let alone heard of a blog…

But my conviction in my need to write and provide a voice of healing, all be it one that struggles much to triumph, and my earnest desire to build communities with others seeking hope, yearning for comfort, wanting to just share the joy of life, yeah, I really see the internet as such a community potential building sphere….and this deep desire is what fuels my motive to attend and volunteer and glean all I can. (for more specifics, go to: and click on the link for conferences).

 I’m holding hands if you will with women and men who must walk for miles to get water….or spend weeks trying to farm sufficiently to yield some grain.

 There’s no way I’m going to be duped to fret over silly technological mishaps. No biggie. Such can be repaired.

 What IS the biggie for me is to continue to pour thought on a larger reality of the simple truth: I have what I need. This isn’t just a random statement but the spiritual fact. I imagine a world where each one of us defends this truth, comprehends what are practical needs of ourselves and others and offers help where it is natural and right and just to do so…..

How many times have I offered a smile, some pocket change, clothes, a bed, food, warm shelter to those in need…How much greater is the daily prayer that each one of us will nurture the compassion we each hold and embrace our neighbor and help meet one another’s needs…..

I feel deeply that this is what impels my going to the event……And whatever tools I need to sufficiently function I have right now…my thoughts, my awareness of the source of all being, divine Love, and my comprehension of how that Love is sustaining each and all in every way.

 Much must be done for this truth to be actualized around the globe. But starting within, my fears of lack negated, I move forward with a calm peace. Imagine what are the possibilities if we each walk around with this expectation thought by thought…..and along this line of thinking, I defend the assertion Mary Baker Eddy asserts in her work Science and Health: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”

I will blog about the conference stay tuned…..just earlier today, i befriended one of the speakers for the conference who gave me the tools to set up the RSS feed in the upper right corner so that anyone who desires to follow what I blog about can subscribe to this blog……she offered me much help and support…..check her out at:

Til the next post…enjoy and be well….Tre 🙂

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Silencing the opposition

So…in the last post, I wrote about how I was praying to make a decision.
Progress…I’m moving forward in one direction and there’s complete calm in my heart about it.

But something occurred since my last post: I have this amazing opportunity to scootch away for about 10 days to attend a work related conference.

On the surface, this new potential option is a hiccup in my overall scheme of things. I am currently staying with a relative and had planned to wrap it up here at the end of the month, go back to where my belongings/vehicle are and move.

Then I learned about this conference and started thinking ‘Oh, if only I could get to that somehow.” Didn’t seem feasible given all other logistics ….But something nudged me to inquire.

Everything under the sun was saying ‘there’s no way you’re gonna be able to make this happen.’ Flight cost, hotel cost, registration fee, not to mention the logistics of navigating a big city.

All of a sudden, the confidence I’d felt and the peace about my overall moving plan went haywire again. I started panicking about how going to the conference would fit in with all other things.

And so I shut down, told myself to forget about it and just proceed with simple, easy, navigable direction.

All fine except I was up all night feeling compelled to get to the conference. So…at 1 am the other night, I emailed the coordinator and told her of my interest in attending and asked about any volunteer options. All the while writing the email I was feeling two things: calm inner peace for proceeding forward vs. this cackling accusatory condemnation telling me I was a big loo loo for thinking there’s any chance there’d be a way to get to this conference.

Still I proceeded on. My prayer was honest and pure: “Show me where to go” and surrounding that plea was conviction I can’t make a mistake (see former entries).

Within a few hours, she’d emailed that she’d be happy to comp my whole entry fee.
And with that, my mental groove shifted gears and I started plotting lodging and logistics.
And here I sit 24 hours later with a place to stay for free, a plan to work an event for free, and a really good feeling that this is what I need to be doing.

So why am I bloggin about it?
Because another red flag is blaring: What to do with my dog.

I can leave him here. I can bring him with me. If I leave him here, I have to fly back to get him. If I take him with, I don’t have to think about coming back here. On the one hand it seems less mess to just leave him. But on another hand, my whole experience with my dog shows me that he’s not a burden, he’s a part of my life and is a support, not a distraction.
So I take a few moments to pray about it this morning.
I realize that if it’s right for me to attend this meeting, there’s gotta be provisions to care for all my ‘loved ones’…whether my dog or whomever else is a part of my life.
All that is clamoring that once again I could make a mistake is just a big bunch of muck. It’s so clear to me how this opposing voice works. It’s a constant attempt to distract us.

But Mind’s thought is crystal clear….complete….unburdened…fearless….free.

What’s more, the friend I’m staying with wants me to bring the pooch. She wants our dogs to meet and have play time together.

So once again, in the face of fearing I will make a mistake, I surround myself in the awareness that I am willing and open to do what is right. I pause, open my eyes, and who’s at the base of my feet grring to go outside for a walk? my dog.

It’s a clear answer. He’s coming with me!

So once again, forward movement and clarity appears attacked with sabotage of self condemnation and guilt or fear. I know that pull too well to cave anymore. All negatives, all oppositions to good are false thoughts.

I feel at peace knowing that there are provisions both for me and my dog. He’s very much a part of my journey and it’s right for him to come…

I make the decision to bring him. I feel calm. And I’m once again reminded of the wonder of life’s harmonic flow.

So…..this is me reminding you that even when you think you may make a mistake, you have enough knowledge right now to calm yourself down and figure out the next steps that will help you make a decision…..Let it flow…..No obstructions….
Off to book my flight!

For anyone interested, I’m off to’s conference in Chicago:

 It’s gonna be a great weekend and I’ll blog about it so stay tuned….. 

Til the next post, be well…..Tre 🙂

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You know enough right now to make a decision

So here I am sitting at the computer surrounded by lists….pro’s, con’s, neutrals on about 4 options that seem viable. I’m trying to decide where to live.

I feel paralyzed in many ways because while any option could be fabulous, some feel way more ‘right’ than others–a ‘delicious dilemma’ you might say. A close mentor like friend once told me ‘life is like a beautiful buffet of a gazillion great options and the wonder of life is choosing the ones that you love the most.’

I hear this and a part of me is overwhelmed with joy. But darn it anyway, the dominant feeling is frustration about how to decide–not a very uplifted, inspired state of thought.

Many would say “you can’t make a mistake” and still others might say ‘hurry up and just choose anything.” And still there’s this condemning voice I hear accusing me for being indecisive yet again, a big ole floundering buffoon.

So I muster up some will and I am about to just hurry up and decide and another feeling comes to mind: “Tre, stop acting out of fear. Be patient.” And so I pause.
Here’s the voice of wisdom or divine influence that calms me down temporarily.

In reality, I know darn well that unless I understand the spiritual fact behind any of the above statements, I feel like a leaf blowing in the wind and that wherever I land, whichever decision I choose, that will be that.

I’m flat out spent on feeling so much like a wet noodle…..Ya know why? Sure, there’s a ton of great possibilities out there. But the deadweight I feel implies I am a big scaredy that I can flub up and make a wrong decision.

So right now, as I’m bloggin, I’m praying about how to see my way… to feel a real clear sense of direction from the divine Mind. The spiritual fact remains that by reflection, each one of us as an idea of Mind can’t help but hear, know, think, and choose rightly. What gets in the way is fear. I KNOW THIS.

But try practicing it consistently.

So here’s how I’m praying:
Right now, I am aware that the only Ego, Mind that is thinking is Divine Mind or God. I know full well that I can entrust this all prevailing intelligence to steer every thought I have and every option in front of me. I know that because I am a tangible expression of Mind’s thinking, there are no gaps or periods of indecisiveness, no black holes of empty thinking, nothing to distract me from knowing what I need to be doing. The spiritual fact about God and man is inseparability. Just like the light comes on when you flip the switch, so I, as an expression of the source of all right thinking, can’t help but know what I need to know when I need to know it. All assumption that I could make a mistake, mess up, choose wrongly–all of that assumes a counter intelligence that can somehow manipulate my thinking. And this is simply not true. There is no counter intelligence to the divine Mind. Period.

Okay. As I pray this way, I calm down. I’m not right now in the mode of choosing which option to go with. I am right now in the mode of defending I can’t make a mistake and that I will and shall know all that I am to know.

This is a vital step. Many would simply gloss over it and call it confidence. Nope. It’s not that to me. It’s a calm inner knowing that so trusts one’s self to the source of all being and thinking that there’s no possible way any other seeming influence could steer one wrongly.

Okay. So I calm down and am breathing.

And I know in time I will choose. Or better stated, I will know what’s already clearly decided.
For now, this feels uplifted and inspired and I am calm.

And I will continue to listen and to pray….

Ever feel indecisive about something? If you wanna chat more about it and how to pray your way to a solution, email me at: or feel welcome to offer a comment.
Thanks for reading and til the next blog…be well and much peace…..Tre 🙂

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Whatever you’re thinking right now matters…much!

I haven’t blogged in weeks.
I’m seeking a way to write that works for me and still accomplishes what i set out to do with this blog: record my efforts to live spiritually…thought by thought….and so cultivate being….

One thing I’ve noticed: my blog has yet to do that consistently. HA!

Truth: I’ve waited a bit til I get some kind of great ‘aha’ I think I can share with whomever is reading this….

Slight problem with that strategy: you find yourself mentally hunting for the next ‘aha’ and thinking about your next post entry as if it’s another course or entre you need to prepare.
And folks? I don’t cook. I don’t care one bit about that either 🙂 ….well….that’s not completely true….but gimme a yogurt and an apple and a bottle of flavored water and a power bar and I’ll be as content as another who’s just gone to some fabo restaurant with the latest reviews.
(Mind you I like food, I’d just rather get eating over with and move onto my writing, reading, singing, hiking, oh, just about whatever else I’m doing….).

My block the past weeks: I couldn’t come up with another entre. Be grateful. It would have probably tasted like left overs.

So here’s what I’m now thinking: write / blog to show what I’m thinking about –at any given moment–and tell you how I’m sifting through it. Because one thing’s true in this quest to cultivate being: it is a constant thought by thought effort. It doesn’t happen like “ooohh….ahh….great aha!” and then you stay inspired for the rest of the day or night…..week or month….

More often, living spiritually–thought by thought–requires a willingness to get in there and clean out all the muck and the more you clear out, the more you find that needs rooting out.
Better stated: this is an ongoing process.

So giggle with me or better still, laugh at me for thinking I had to wait for some next big ole wonderful topic to write about. I should have just written about that.

So here goes: say you’re stuck…on anything…any issue…any decision…..
Why? Because…more than likely you are believing something that needs to be uplifted…spiritualized…otherwise you wouldn’t feel stuck.

Example: Feeling I had nothing to write/blog about. I was convinced I was stuck with nothing to say. (don’t laugh those of you that have accused me of talking too much! 🙂 )….

Look at what that ‘claim’ implies: that there can be a moment when me or you or anyone can lack something….JUST AIN’T TRUE.


Spiritually, and for me that means IN REALITY, each one of us is an idea…a thought….an expression of the divine Mind. How can the divine Mind have a mental hiccup? It can’t. It’s always thinking. And the spiritual law of reflection insists that as ideas of divine Mind, you and I already express intelligence, creativity, wisdom, intelligence…all the ‘spiritual ammo’ we need at any given moment to write…to make a decision….to move forward…to create…to live ….to live without thinking we are lacking anything.

So if I’m believing some claim that insists I’m stuck and have no ideas, well then folks, I’m missing the boat bigtime. That suggestion–that there can ever be a moment when you have a mental block, writer’s block, whatever you wanna call it, is simply not true.

What needs to happen is that this claim needs to be rooted up and destroyed with the truth: it’s impossible for anyone, as an expression of the constantly active, constantly thinking divine Mind, to be cut off from that intelligence.

Ever seen a rainbow and wondered if the red rays could detach from the orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple? Probably not. You don’t think of those rays separating because they’re glowing as one reflection.

Same with you and me….none of us can be ‘cut off’ from the source of intelligence we express…namely the divine Mind. So what this means practically, is I had to get into thought and refute all that was convincing me I was stuck. I had to say ‘look, whatever is in my thoughts trying to convince me i’m mentally stuck is a gross imposition and a lie about my true nature. I am the reflection, the idea of divine Mind, and as such I have every ounce of wisdom and creativity and wit and intellect I need at present to communicate whatever ideas I need to. And I know this is true because I am right now an idea of that divine Mind. So right now, whatever Mind is knowing about me I must reflect and live.’

There ya have it. That’s pretty much how I prayed and worked mentally for a good while.

I also pondered a favorite statement of mine in Science and Health ‘The divine Mind that made man maintains its own image and likeness.”

Realizing I can’t be mentally stuck or at a loss for what to say or think about helped me see I did have something to blog about. Several somethings….so stay tuned.

If you’re so inclined, lemme know the stuff that has made or is making you feel stuck right now. Together we can sift through those claims and help you feel the truth that you’re not stuck either, anymore than i was.
As always, if you wanna be in touch directly, email me at:

Thanks so much for reading this…til next time….feel peace and be well….Tre 🙂

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