Whatever you’re thinking right now matters…much!

I haven’t blogged in weeks.
I’m seeking a way to write that works for me and still accomplishes what i set out to do with this blog: record my efforts to live spiritually…thought by thought….and so cultivate being….

One thing I’ve noticed: my blog has yet to do that consistently. HA!

Truth: I’ve waited a bit til I get some kind of great ‘aha’ I think I can share with whomever is reading this….

Slight problem with that strategy: you find yourself mentally hunting for the next ‘aha’ and thinking about your next post entry as if it’s another course or entre you need to prepare.
And folks? I don’t cook. I don’t care one bit about that either 🙂 ….well….that’s not completely true….but gimme a yogurt and an apple and a bottle of flavored water and a power bar and I’ll be as content as another who’s just gone to some fabo restaurant with the latest reviews.
(Mind you I like food, I’d just rather get eating over with and move onto my writing, reading, singing, hiking, oh, just about whatever else I’m doing….).

My block the past weeks: I couldn’t come up with another entre. Be grateful. It would have probably tasted like left overs.

So here’s what I’m now thinking: write / blog to show what I’m thinking about –at any given moment–and tell you how I’m sifting through it. Because one thing’s true in this quest to cultivate being: it is a constant thought by thought effort. It doesn’t happen like “ooohh….ahh….great aha!” and then you stay inspired for the rest of the day or night…..week or month….

More often, living spiritually–thought by thought–requires a willingness to get in there and clean out all the muck and the more you clear out, the more you find that needs rooting out.
Better stated: this is an ongoing process.

So giggle with me or better still, laugh at me for thinking I had to wait for some next big ole wonderful topic to write about. I should have just written about that.

So here goes: say you’re stuck…on anything…any issue…any decision…..
Why? Because…more than likely you are believing something that needs to be uplifted…spiritualized…otherwise you wouldn’t feel stuck.

Example: Feeling I had nothing to write/blog about. I was convinced I was stuck with nothing to say. (don’t laugh those of you that have accused me of talking too much! 🙂 )….

Look at what that ‘claim’ implies: that there can be a moment when me or you or anyone can lack something….JUST AIN’T TRUE.


Spiritually, and for me that means IN REALITY, each one of us is an idea…a thought….an expression of the divine Mind. How can the divine Mind have a mental hiccup? It can’t. It’s always thinking. And the spiritual law of reflection insists that as ideas of divine Mind, you and I already express intelligence, creativity, wisdom, intelligence…all the ‘spiritual ammo’ we need at any given moment to write…to make a decision….to move forward…to create…to live ….to live without thinking we are lacking anything.

So if I’m believing some claim that insists I’m stuck and have no ideas, well then folks, I’m missing the boat bigtime. That suggestion–that there can ever be a moment when you have a mental block, writer’s block, whatever you wanna call it, is simply not true.

What needs to happen is that this claim needs to be rooted up and destroyed with the truth: it’s impossible for anyone, as an expression of the constantly active, constantly thinking divine Mind, to be cut off from that intelligence.

Ever seen a rainbow and wondered if the red rays could detach from the orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple? Probably not. You don’t think of those rays separating because they’re glowing as one reflection.

Same with you and me….none of us can be ‘cut off’ from the source of intelligence we express…namely the divine Mind. So what this means practically, is I had to get into thought and refute all that was convincing me I was stuck. I had to say ‘look, whatever is in my thoughts trying to convince me i’m mentally stuck is a gross imposition and a lie about my true nature. I am the reflection, the idea of divine Mind, and as such I have every ounce of wisdom and creativity and wit and intellect I need at present to communicate whatever ideas I need to. And I know this is true because I am right now an idea of that divine Mind. So right now, whatever Mind is knowing about me I must reflect and live.’

There ya have it. That’s pretty much how I prayed and worked mentally for a good while.

I also pondered a favorite statement of mine in Science and Health ‘The divine Mind that made man maintains its own image and likeness.”

Realizing I can’t be mentally stuck or at a loss for what to say or think about helped me see I did have something to blog about. Several somethings….so stay tuned.

If you’re so inclined, lemme know the stuff that has made or is making you feel stuck right now. Together we can sift through those claims and help you feel the truth that you’re not stuck either, anymore than i was.
As always, if you wanna be in touch directly, email me at: tresha.cs@mac.com.

Thanks so much for reading this…til next time….feel peace and be well….Tre 🙂

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