You know enough right now to make a decision

So here I am sitting at the computer surrounded by lists….pro’s, con’s, neutrals on about 4 options that seem viable. I’m trying to decide where to live.

I feel paralyzed in many ways because while any option could be fabulous, some feel way more ‘right’ than others–a ‘delicious dilemma’ you might say. A close mentor like friend once told me ‘life is like a beautiful buffet of a gazillion great options and the wonder of life is choosing the ones that you love the most.’

I hear this and a part of me is overwhelmed with joy. But darn it anyway, the dominant feeling is frustration about how to decide–not a very uplifted, inspired state of thought.

Many would say “you can’t make a mistake” and still others might say ‘hurry up and just choose anything.” And still there’s this condemning voice I hear accusing me for being indecisive yet again, a big ole floundering buffoon.

So I muster up some will and I am about to just hurry up and decide and another feeling comes to mind: “Tre, stop acting out of fear. Be patient.” And so I pause.
Here’s the voice of wisdom or divine influence that calms me down temporarily.

In reality, I know darn well that unless I understand the spiritual fact behind any of the above statements, I feel like a leaf blowing in the wind and that wherever I land, whichever decision I choose, that will be that.

I’m flat out spent on feeling so much like a wet noodle…..Ya know why? Sure, there’s a ton of great possibilities out there. But the deadweight I feel implies I am a big scaredy that I can flub up and make a wrong decision.

So right now, as I’m bloggin, I’m praying about how to see my way… to feel a real clear sense of direction from the divine Mind. The spiritual fact remains that by reflection, each one of us as an idea of Mind can’t help but hear, know, think, and choose rightly. What gets in the way is fear. I KNOW THIS.

But try practicing it consistently.

So here’s how I’m praying:
Right now, I am aware that the only Ego, Mind that is thinking is Divine Mind or God. I know full well that I can entrust this all prevailing intelligence to steer every thought I have and every option in front of me. I know that because I am a tangible expression of Mind’s thinking, there are no gaps or periods of indecisiveness, no black holes of empty thinking, nothing to distract me from knowing what I need to be doing. The spiritual fact about God and man is inseparability. Just like the light comes on when you flip the switch, so I, as an expression of the source of all right thinking, can’t help but know what I need to know when I need to know it. All assumption that I could make a mistake, mess up, choose wrongly–all of that assumes a counter intelligence that can somehow manipulate my thinking. And this is simply not true. There is no counter intelligence to the divine Mind. Period.

Okay. As I pray this way, I calm down. I’m not right now in the mode of choosing which option to go with. I am right now in the mode of defending I can’t make a mistake and that I will and shall know all that I am to know.

This is a vital step. Many would simply gloss over it and call it confidence. Nope. It’s not that to me. It’s a calm inner knowing that so trusts one’s self to the source of all being and thinking that there’s no possible way any other seeming influence could steer one wrongly.

Okay. So I calm down and am breathing.

And I know in time I will choose. Or better stated, I will know what’s already clearly decided.
For now, this feels uplifted and inspired and I am calm.

And I will continue to listen and to pray….

Ever feel indecisive about something? If you wanna chat more about it and how to pray your way to a solution, email me at: or feel welcome to offer a comment.
Thanks for reading and til the next blog…be well and much peace…..Tre 🙂

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One Response to “You know enough right now to make a decision”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tre –

    I appreciate your input with regards to the fear motivating far too many decisions. Your advice on pausing and reflection are extremely important. Pausing is something I battle with on a daily basis. It is our mind’s pull and tendency to act, to move, and personally my mind seems to be vehemently opposed to stillness. There is much anxiety riding behind this fear or perhaps supporting it. Often times when I am indecisive, I feel completely inadequate and overwhelmed. Do you have any suggestions to offer for the times when we find ourselves bound to self abnegating thoughts? Commonly when I have self deprecating thoughts, it propels me into a horrible downward cycle. I become completely and utterly incapacitated. What do I do in these moments? How do I defend my truth in opposition to the raging, blurry madness?

    How do I maintain and preserve my sense of purpose and direction?
    I look forward to your words…thank you!

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