Off to a blogging conference…without a functioning laptop…..:)

Quickie post here just to let ya know that I’m off to the conference in Chicago and just a few hours ago my ibook went kerplunk. No power. No extra battery and it’s been on the brink a bit.

So…thought by thought, I’m knowing that I have all I need right this moment to glean what all I need to from the event, and that if I need technological help, I’ll know what steps to take to find it. On a practical basis, there’s a coupla apple stores near where I’m staying.

On the immediate surface, the mental pull was to panic a bit…it’s like trying to trail run without running shoes. But so much has come together well for me to be able to go to this event. And my comprehension of my oneness to divine Mind, the only source of intelligence, just stands with conviction that at every step of the way, I’ll know what I need to …whether to get help troubleshooting a repair, borrowing a friend’s laptop or just knowing there will be options for me to both blog and to take notes…

 This knowing is not wishful thinking. It’s spiritual clarity, conviction of a life never separated from Spirit…..And to me this is a minor thing. In the overall scheme of thing, to attend this meeting, held in a very posh gathering spot in one of this country’s largest cities..well, such an option isn’t even fathomable to millions of brothers and sisters around the globe who may never have even been online let alone heard of a blog…

But my conviction in my need to write and provide a voice of healing, all be it one that struggles much to triumph, and my earnest desire to build communities with others seeking hope, yearning for comfort, wanting to just share the joy of life, yeah, I really see the internet as such a community potential building sphere….and this deep desire is what fuels my motive to attend and volunteer and glean all I can. (for more specifics, go to: and click on the link for conferences).

 I’m holding hands if you will with women and men who must walk for miles to get water….or spend weeks trying to farm sufficiently to yield some grain.

 There’s no way I’m going to be duped to fret over silly technological mishaps. No biggie. Such can be repaired.

 What IS the biggie for me is to continue to pour thought on a larger reality of the simple truth: I have what I need. This isn’t just a random statement but the spiritual fact. I imagine a world where each one of us defends this truth, comprehends what are practical needs of ourselves and others and offers help where it is natural and right and just to do so…..

How many times have I offered a smile, some pocket change, clothes, a bed, food, warm shelter to those in need…How much greater is the daily prayer that each one of us will nurture the compassion we each hold and embrace our neighbor and help meet one another’s needs…..

I feel deeply that this is what impels my going to the event……And whatever tools I need to sufficiently function I have right now…my thoughts, my awareness of the source of all being, divine Love, and my comprehension of how that Love is sustaining each and all in every way.

 Much must be done for this truth to be actualized around the globe. But starting within, my fears of lack negated, I move forward with a calm peace. Imagine what are the possibilities if we each walk around with this expectation thought by thought…..and along this line of thinking, I defend the assertion Mary Baker Eddy asserts in her work Science and Health: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”

I will blog about the conference stay tuned…..just earlier today, i befriended one of the speakers for the conference who gave me the tools to set up the RSS feed in the upper right corner so that anyone who desires to follow what I blog about can subscribe to this blog……she offered me much help and support…..check her out at:

Til the next post…enjoy and be well….Tre 🙂

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2 Responses to “Off to a blogging conference…without a functioning laptop…..:)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Tre my dear, how are you? I am slowly recovering from BlogHer, I developed a really bad sore throat on Sunday morning. And I am so tired! How about you? Did you find your friends on Saturday night?

    I have a photo I would love for you to look at, I took it Friday morning while I was taking photos after breakfast, during the “speed dating” event. I think it is you in the photo! Which means I was standing right in front of you and didn’t even know it! The link for the photo is

    Tell me if that is you!

  2. tresha Says:

    hey friend elizabeth. how fun! that is me. 🙂 so we had met after all on day 1. glad we did so in person. for all reading this comment, go to for some helpful tips on setting up your blog. keep in touch eliz….love to you…

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