Without technology, but not without connection

hey to all. since my last post, i attended the blogher 2007 conference “making a difference in the world” in chicago. to say i felt a connection with all who attended is an understatement. more than 700 women from all over the world attended 3 days worth of general and individual break out sessions all themed around topics of interest to bloggers. (for the entire conference schedule see www.blogher.com and hit the link to conferences).

for now, i won’t recap each session or summarize the content of the meeting. instead i will offer a perspective about ‘being connected’ i’ve been realizing ever since attending the conference and still now a week later without my computer. (am currently borrowing a friend’s laptop and accessing the internet via a local cafe).

 when i used to think of connection, making one, feeling one, having one, i used to think it meant relating to someone or something–personally or conceptionally–and that person or idea outside of one’s self….

for example, i used to feel a connectedness (and still do) with all natural settings–a seashore, a mountain range, a series of woods, a valley, a vista, the blowing breeze of the wind, a sunrise, a sunset….no matter what the visual, if it was nature’s playground, i embraced it and felt a sense of home whenever amidst that setting. but such a connection depended on me being physically present–actually there–to feel.

with people, same thing. i used to feel a connectedness with someone or several people of similar interest, passions, or ponderings which i held or which i aspired to better understand. but like the natural setting, my feeling a connectedness with him/her/them typically depended on being present with them–in the moment–either over the phone, in a live chat, or naturally in person.

though feeling a sense of connectedness while in the presence of a person or an idea is a natural, normal outcome, of late, especially without a functioning laptop, the tendency to feel a huge disconnect with all who I am regularly in touch with online and with my typical google searches and all else internet, has been huge.

So like i typically do whenever things are feeling a bit wonky in my heart, a few days ago when i felt unusually ‘cut off’ from my typical patterns of the every day, I decided to try to get a spiritual perspective on everything i use the internet for, on everything that technology respresents to me, on the ability to make connections or stay connected with people and ideas.

And so what follows is a sense for how I prayed. First, I strive to establish what is true about the nature of God as the all knowing, all present source of intelligence. Next, I strive to establish my awareness of man’s being as the expression of God’s knowing. Further, I distinguish what thoughts come to mind that are contradicting these truths. Then I expose why these falsities have no power to convince me. And then I wrap everything up in an overall conclusion or restatement of the truth.

So, I prayed this way:

Right now, the source of all intelligence that is going on is the divine Mind and this Mind knows all, communicates all, expresses all reality. Everything is ‘known’ to this divine Mind. Everything worth knowing, worth understanding, worth believing and comprehending is understood and communicated by this Mind. This ‘knowing’ is a power that is connecting all ideas, governing all reality, expressing all being.

Right this moment, man is the individual expression of this divine Mind. I am this man. You are this man. All mankind is the expression of this man. So in reality, man is the expression of this divine Mind and all its knowing. Already then, right this moment, everything I need to know I know. Everything I need to know more about I possess the ability to. Everything that needs me to know about it is being communicated to me. And this knowing is spiritual. It is not dependent solely or exclusively on technological functions. These tools simply expedite this knowing. But without them, I can not be made to feel disconnected, cut off from, or isolated. Why? Because the consciousness of Mind pervades all space and constitutes all presence. I can not ever leave this awareness. I can not step outside of this awareness. Neither can anyone.

I can know and defend that in spite of technological mishaps, everyone I need to be in touch with I can be. And everyone who needs to be in touch with me can be.

There is no reality in any suggestion that implies lack of any kind….lack of ability, lack of power, lack of communication tool, lack of wisdom, lack of awareness. I know this moment everything I need to do to function fully this moment.  And whatever I need to know to function in the next moment and the next moment after that and the one after that I will know. There is no truth or reality in any belief that accuses me of being ‘cut off’ or ‘detached’ from truth. Such will never be true and I can be assured that whomever needs to be in touch with me can and will and is….

Righ now, every single one of Mind’s ideas is connected to Mind. And in this inseparable bond, connected to each other. No disconnect. No separation. Nothing outside of Mind’s awareness, including me.


Defending these truths daily has helped me much. My laptop is supposed to be up to snuff and back in my possession in less than a week. And I won’t kid myself…I’m looking forward to that hugely. Yet, in the moments and hours and days without 24/7 accessibility to the internet, I have felt a deeper connectedness to mankind than I have in a long while. Why? Because I have felt a greater sense of family of man, a deeper sense of the intelligence, power, and government that ensures, upholds, sustains us all. Oddly, I’ve been reminded that it’s not so much the power of the internet that unites us by our spiritual inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

I am grateful for this sense of true connectedness….May I strive to maintain it amidst all the huggabaloo I’ll continue to dive into in my usage of technology…..

In Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy writes something that reiterates this knowing for me:

“One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; constitutes the brotherhood of man;ends wars; fulfils the Scripture, “Love thy neighbor as theyself;” annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry, -whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed.” (p. 340: 23)


Thanks for reading this blog post. If you have any ?s or wanna comment, do so below or feel welcome to email me at: tresha.cs@mac.com. Til the next post, be well and feel joy and much peace, Tre 😉  ~~~~~~~~~~~~


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