The stuff that matters

The stuff that matters….

Hey…’s me…writing again……and ever so grateful to be doin so.
I won’t belabor the point…but the gap in time since the last post occurred for a bunch of reasons which aren’t so important.

What matters is this: each one of our voices….each one counts. Each one is invaluable. Each one deserves to be nurtured, cultivated, expressed, shared.

What matters is how you are caring for your voice…how are you nurturing her/him? How are you cultivating her/him? How are you honoring, adoring, celebrating, cherishing, sharing, and not hiding her or him?

Hiding her or him is easy to do. Not much out there encourages your individual expression. MUCH attempts to squelch it, deny it, reshape it, persuade it, change it, alter its appearance/expression….

Much tries to oust it, write it off, ignore it, even silence it.

Don’t let it.

What matters is soooo honoring, adoring, and loving the voice you are that you defend its worth, merit, and right for self expression at all costs.
And let go of any and all relationships that do not support this effort.
You don’t need them. They’re not supporting you. Let them go.

Let go any and all thought that dissuade your right to be you.
Let go of any and all ideas that doubt your worth or deny your individuality.

Take moments to carve out awareness of who you are and what you think and all you wish to say and be.

And then be that you…..moment to moment….thought by thought.

I’m striving to…and bloggin about it here…..and I welcome your perspective and comments and thoughts on your process.

More soon…hugs and luvs for now, Tre ☺

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