Sculpting thoughts….

Think about it….every moment we are thinking. Every moment we are each living out what we are thinking….always our innermost thoughts guide our every step and whatever’s on our mind at that moment determines our disposition.

Yet how often do we pause, treasure our thought like a beautiful hunk of clay that we can mold and sculpt moment to moment? How often do we pause, observe what’s in thought trying to impose itself on the clay, and refuse to allow it to take form?

A while ago, I learned of the possibilities…that in fact I was not a piece of random clay being molded and shaped by other’s paradigms or patterns of thinking (familial, cultural, societal, ecomical, political, ideological, etc).

Rather, I was the artist, the sculptor….able to step back and pause…and evolve a life according to the standard that I held close to my heart…….

What gave me this insight?

A woman named Mary Baker Eddy in the ideas about practical spirituality she illumines her life’s work, a book entitled: Science and Health

And so this blog offers how I’m sculpting and why, lessons I’ve learned along the way, questions I’m contemplating–all shared here in hopes of connecting with other sculptors of thought….or those who want to be….and learning from and with you.

Much of this blog will be me writing the sharings I have and wish to offer. But I’m hoping that it will ignite a desire in you to sculpt your thoughts as well. And if you want to chat about the process or comment on mine, that’s available too, through comments, email, and phone consultation. (see contact info).

So here’s to sculpting…..moment to moment….. thought by thought…chisel by chisel 🙂

Be well and much joy and peace to you, Tre 🙂


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