Patience while blooming all things tech…

Spring is in full bloom in most places…and where I live in the tropics, it tends to never leave.

But the blooms catch my eye day in and day out..bouganvilla, hibiscus, so many brilliant colors exploding.

This isn’t a post about flowers though so much as the blooms in thought.

I have hiked enough to know the peaking is surely exhilarating, but you don’t peak with the first step. You peak maybe, at best 6 hours after that first step (of course depending on how long the trail is etc).

I’ve also run long enough to know you don’t run a 4, or 5, or even 6 minute mile straight out the bat (well, most don’t).

And I’ve danced long enough to know you don’t do a split without a ton of preparation.

Okay I’m boring myself with these metaphors. Lemme just call it:

Whatever you wanna do…whatever you wanna be good at….it’s a step by step journey.

Okay. That’s perhaps known by most.

But I’m finding I need a gentle reminder a lot these days.

I’m new to blogging, new to the whole sha (or she 🙂 ) bang….and I’ve done countless hours of searching for a host I like / understand, for a template provider/designer I comprehend, for what is exactly the nature of the relationship between the host, the template provider, the blogger, and the internet…..

I would like to say I’ve been nice to myself along the way.

Nope. Not true.

I’m excited to learn all this so much, but I’ve wrestled much with feeling like I used to during my first dance lessons. Very awkward. Very novice and all the while wishing I was already expert level.


Do you ever think of yelling at a baby that’s just trying to learn how to crawl?

Do you ever think of saying ‘Gads! Don’t bother! There’s already plenty who know how to do that and more who know how to walk, run, and even sprint. It’s a saturated market. Your efforts will be overlooked and ignored. Just stay in that crib where it’s safe and don’t bother.”

Probably unthinkable.

So too then should our response be to that inner critic who’s constantly bashing and saying ‘don’t bother b/c there’s already so many others out there doing it already and more, doing it expertly.’

So I’m just blogging today to affirm, I so value this self discovery and adventure in learning all things about blogging. But most importantly, I’m sabotaging all that is within that is trying to insist ‘why bother.’

Yep. I’m squelching all that is trying to assert it’s hopeless to think I’ll ever get good at this or master it or whatever.

So what’s that condemner voice saying to you? Are you buying it or thwarting it off?

Are you accepting it’s limited perspective and lies?

Or are you squelching its very ability to utter a single belief.

Moment by moment, thought by thought, bathe yourself in the wonder that you are endeavoring to embark on new territory, that it’s okay to stumble, hit things, bump your head, fall down, get off track, hit walls, etc.

Eventually you’ll get there. Me too. Afterall, we didn’t stay in our cribs did we? My mom tells me I climbed out and crawled over to her bedside when I was only a few months.

Honor that explorer within

I’m thinking of Mary Baker Eddy’s writing a book (in her day) and getting it published, founding a college, founding a publishing society (to ensure the publication of her writings), starting an international daily newspaper–just to name a few things.

Today’s arenas to pioneer on the internet are limitless.

Every endeavor is worth pursuing if it’s your heart’s desire.

So I’m hoping that within a few days or weeks or however long it takes I’ll figure out how to host and be using a template that will allow all types of coding.

Until then, with perspective, compassion and a whole lotta patience, I’m hugging myself for bothering.

And you should hug yourself too and keep bothering.

Til next post….Tre 🙂


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