Chiseling thought….sculpting serenity

Centered ….sculpted…at peace…..still….focused…moving…directed…..about a purpose….these kinds of goals are ever with me….and why I blog. Blogging helps me stand for the focus, claim the stillness, move forward in thought, pen the spirituality mine, offer thoughts on how I’m battling down all that would oppose and impose the stronghold that squelches life.

Moments are full, often, and hence at times the gap in knowing how to write or what to write…how to say what’s going on, what I’m sifting throught, what I’m sorting out.

Yet evermore the goal is at hand:
Chisel thought….sculpt serenity….moment to moment…thought by thought…..Hence the title of this blog. Hence the impact of every moment. Hence the validity of honest, inner searching for all that defines individuality, all that clamors for expression, all that yearns to bud and blossom.

On a plane yesterday, I landed in some familiar cities I’d not visited for a good 5 years or more. The views I recognized. The memory of where I’d been when there a sweet, gentle reminder that we pace and evolve in our own way…at times pulling and pushing and tugging and insisting, at other times softly, gently, sweetly.

I’d been seated next to a wonderful mother and her 2 year old daughter, or so I’d thought. The mom turned out to be an aunt, the daughter, her niece, their bond a breathtaking image of the union of mother love and innocent yearning….show me, help me, soothe me, shelter me, protect me, feed me, nurture me, hold me, make sure I’m okay. Mother Love’s ever constant “I am here and all is well and I will keep you and hold you and ensure you and strengthen you.”

It was an image I’d hold onto well through the rest of the day and night and even the first I pondered this morning.

Life often feels this presence is ‘out there’ somewhere that we have to find…..something separate from ourselves we have to go and get, vulnerable all the while to the winds of circumstance and the currents of change.

Not so….each of us an idea of the universal Mind that is divine, each one of us as idea always thought, considered, contemplated, and as such maintained, sustained, and expressed, fully and finally. The key to proving this fact is thought by thought living unimpeded, walking forward in spite of whatever mental wall seems to thwart off doing so. Each forging ahead, each moment of living– instead of heeding the limits or doubts or fears—yields freedom. And moment upon moment of living freedom yields inner peace….

Stillness, peace, enduring joy….these goals are truths for life—now. Not out there somewhere obtainable someday after some list of to dos is accomplished or achieved. Within is thought. Without is thought. No separation. And you, me abide as divine Love’s tangible expression.

I loved seeing that aunt and her niece yesterday, I valued sharing time together and exchanging friendship. She was that reminder to me that the universe is not so large and vast but peopled with possibilities…they both were, actually.

I’m moving forward in my blogging know how over the next few days at a meeting that willl immerse me in the land of internet publishing, promoting, collaborating. In doing so I carry with me that goal of sculpting serenity, amidst all that clamors I’m a novice, or anything that teases, cajoles or debases why I’m here—to learn better how to promote ideas that have helped me prove the present possibilities of practical spirituality and so to join hands with others doing so and be a resource for those wishing to and thus to be faithful to that pull within that unites my thought to the family of mankind.

Moving forward isn’t negotiable, it’s a given.

Here we go….


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