Reflections on my journey at blogher’s conference…

Just posted a summary of my ‘take homes’ from blogher 08….a conference for women bloggers held for 4 days in San Francisco….

I’m learning I can’t copy/paste from their site to this blog…so here’s the link of my post on their site….and next time I’ll write it here and then link it to blogher.

If you blog and wanna know more about this conference, feel free to email me.

More on the conference here on my blog in another little while….

Take care,

Tre ~


One Response to “Reflections on my journey at blogher’s conference…”

  1. Sugar Says:

    Hey Tre! I sent you a message through Twitter just around the time they were having more tech difficulties. Anyway, thanks for going on my blogs. I hope you enjoyed what you read. I haven’t had much of a chance to read through yours but will do so this week. It was a pleasure chatting with you. I wish we would have had more time to talk at Macy’s. I’m excited to continue our conversation on the blogs.

    I have to ask you, how was it exactly that you volunteered for BlogHer and what all did it entail? I’m curious to know for next year. This year, I was thankful to have time to go inside my own head, but I think by this time next year, I might be comfortable supporting other newbies and the speakers.

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