Just a Tuesday morning….

I woke up this morning with a ton of goals in my thoughts…
Pray, walk dogs, write, pray some more, learn html coding for creating widgets for twitter, share this and ‘diiggthis’ on my blog, clean house, sort stuff….pray some more….do laundry…research computer upgrades….etc.

Half way through the laundry list of my to dos as I’m lying in bed I hear ‘Tre, sshhhh….let me love you.’ And I knew this was my nudge from God to get still.

It wasn’t so corny as it sounds. But I’d forgotten something. I dove into my agenda of today without filling my thoughts up with the right now awareness of how loved I am and how adored, cherished, worthy, and tender is my heart.

And I’m not offering this as a self gloated, self indulgent saga. I’m offering this as a type of prayer that is to me essential for the makings of a harmonious day….to fill thought up with the recognition and fullness of the right now immediate all embracing power, presence and intelligence of divine Love, the very core substance that creates and governs each one of us.

How I do this is very simple.

I curl my knees up to my chest (I’ve always done this. It feels kinda like a whole body hug. But it’s the way I used to calm myself down right after my parents got divorced when I was 8 and my world was falling apart and everyone in the world seemed to be taking care of everyone else, but I still had to get used to falling asleep alone at night b/c mom was typically out on a date and couldn’t tuck me in anymore).

So I find a comfy spot to sit, pull my knees up to my chest, wrap my arms around my legs….and I rock myself or just sit there calmly. And I go to work in my thoughts…one at a time….of course you know that by now…the theme of this blog: thought by thought…

Typically I have to hush the day’s agenda (see above). And then I get still and sometimes I start making affirmations—another thing that stills the individual ego and opens thought up to the tender messages of divine Love.

I may start affirming this way:

Right now, the only power, presence, intelligence and might going on, governing the whole universe is divine Love. The strength, power, wisdom and might of this Being is the only true power in control. This presence is enveloping me, holding me, protecting me….safeguarding me…establishing my very being and that of all mankind.

Right now as an idea of this Mind, I am the very expression of God’s being and as such, right this moment, I embody strength, express grace, am wholely spiritual and pure. Since my substance is spiritual, it is constant. This moment then, I have all the joy, fulfillment, and peace I can ever expect to have.
The divine source of supply is pouring forth so much good and there’s not a single moment when my life can possibly be devoid of joy, of love, of intelligence no matter what the circumstances appear. This moment I have all that I need to feel loved, to feel free of all fear, to feel able to move forward with strength, conviction, and integrity.

Because I am an idea, the very expression of God’s Being, I know that I can only express the nature of good, of love, of truth. Nothing that counteracts the nature of love can wiggle it’s way into my thinking and start owning the hour. No sense of fear, doubt, guilt, anger, frustration, weakness, desperation, exhaustion you name it –no negative muckety muck can get into my thinking and start to govern it. I am keenly aware of the attempts to do so and I simply do not have to respond. For I know that this seeming attempt of the opposite of God’s nature to govern my thinking is simply the pull of the world’s belief in matter and I do not have to give my consent ever to such. No one does. We are each and all free this moment and able to live the spirituality that is our true inheritance.

I know that the calm and joy and peace I feel this moment will endure. And I know that it is true for one and all and now.”

So I pray this way….for a good long while—maybe 10 minutes…often longer….but just enough to get clear on what’s in control of the moment, what’s governing my life, my thoughts, my day. And then I tuck it all up with a reestablishing of the all power, presence, and intelligence of divine Love embracing all mankind. For these truths are not just true for me but are true for each one of us. And I know that as each effort is made to establish in thought these truths, that awareness governs being and enables us / me to live them moment to moment and thought by thought.

And once I feel this stillness and certainty, I unclasp my knees and go about my morning with a lot less aggression and anxiety and a lot more joy and peace.

Now surely this entry is not an attempt to teach you the whole of why I pray like this. I surely can do that and am happy to if you wanna be in touch (see my contact info).
Rather, is this entry a glimpse on how I ‘get set’ for the day. And why doing so is so vital to me aside from all other things that pull—dogs, children, husbands, the day’s agenda.
What you think you live…moment to moment.
And as you can read through this blog I am intending to live a life that is proof of my spirituality, proof of the power and presence and intelligence and control of divine Love, proof of the law of this Love at work moment to moment, and thus proof of the divine domain if you will making itself known right here, right now…’as in heaven, so on earth.’

Again, the resource I use to learn more about this domain is Mary Baker Eddy’s book: Science and Health. It’s sure the foundational text for me though I’ve read others that offer different perspectives, like “A New Earth” which I ‘m reading now. But for a foundational text, you should check out Science and Health. First written more than 130 years ago, it’s words still lead thought, still establish truth, still bring out the reality of divine Science.
Happy to hear your comments and offer mine or we can be in touch via email.


The only constant is Being

Today’s the first of May. And all day I’ve been thinking about what I should post. A lot is going on. So I thought about writing about change and how I pray about it.

But that’s not really accurate. I don’t pray about change or for it. I pray to understand more about constancy…what is substantial, unchanging, what I can lean on when all else seems unpredictable, uncertain, and ever changing.

So therein lies my topic: that which remains certain and perpetual.
For me that’s the assured relationship each one of us shares with universal intelligence, and its Being–in and of itself. I call this Truth. Truth and its expression…..those are the constants for me. And they’re not ethereal, other worldly entities that I can reach out to feel or be inspired by.

Truth and its expression are right now shaping reality for me, for each one of our lives. It’s like the ocean current and its wave….the sun and its ray of light….it’s the unseen yet always present, always good intelligence that is holding guard over all and the very expression of this being, as seen and felt in all that is good, loving, pure, true, peace.

Maybe it’s cuz it’s the beginning of the month. Maybe it’s cuz it’s a time when a lot is changing for me and people I know. Maybe it’s just cuz it’s worth reminding myself.

But to establish in thought every single day a recognition of the divine Being and its expression—to me this gives meaning to the moment, to the hour, to the day. To establish this awareness gives undergirding or a foundation to all thought. And I find it essential to do so the moment I’m conscious I’m awake in the morning. Doing so helps to calm me, orient me, ground me and tenderly comfort me. And at a time when there may seem to be a ton of unknowns, doing so establishes a sense of peace in thought.

So that’s it for now…for today.
I’d value hearing if you do this as well, or feel free to comment about what you think are the constants in your life.

More soon.

Tre ☺

The unconditional love of resolve and intent

Resolve and intent ….of late I’ve been thinking of them as true friends…who never let go, never turn their back, never give up.

They linger on…sometimes quietly, with subtle nudges, oftentimes more vocal with firm insistances…but always with supportive, persistent advocacy reminding you to perserveer.

And they both do so with grace, unyielding patience, trust, and knowing.

It’s like they know they’ve got you….They know you won’t and really can’t abandon them. They’re not an old style you pitch or donate. And you can’t craig’s list or ebay ’em. And surely they’re not a passing fad, trend, or phase you’re going through.

Nope. Resolve and intent stick around. Like the companion we probably each pine for….they don’t leave, they never say ‘let’s be just friends’, they don’t neglect, they never reject, never say ‘see ya’ no matter how much you don’t return their phone calls, emails, requests to get together, or how much you resist them. No way to run from them. They’ve kinda gotcha.

Why all this metaphoric writing?

Well, it may sound ridiculous to some, but it’s because of them–my constant companioning with resolve and intent –that i’m even on this page to begin with. Try as i might to run away from them, avoid them, stand them up, neglect or ignore them, they don’t leave. They know better than to be duped by the self condemning wailings that I’ve been misinfluenced by. They know better than to agree with me when I’ve been mistakingly convinced I have nothing worthy of saying. They flat out refuse to agree with the self-absorbed voice of weakness and self pity.

In truth? Resolve and intent are like my spiritual armor I can always rely on, like the most devoted of companions. They won’t let me fall apart and drift into that sea of abyss of self condemnation. And the more I chisel thought as to understand why, resolve and intent are our very true core essence definers if you will. They know our heart of hearts and will defend this inner yearning forevermore…or so it seems.

So how can you distinguish your own inner heart of hearts yearnings and pullings?

Just be honest….just listen….and above all…just let yourself silence all that clamors, pulls, weighs down and sabotages your individuality….all that abuses or disturbs your peace..all that sabotages and attacks your innocence.

How do you do this?

Shut your mental door. Lock it. And refuse to allow into your thoughts anything and everything that tears you down. I don’t care if it’s banging the door down and trying to break in. I don’t care if it’s coming in the guise of your mom’s voice, your dad’s voice, your boyfriend’s, husband’s, boss’, brother’s, sister’s or friend’s voice…and it doesn’t matter a bit more if it’s knocking on the door of thought as your own voice.

Whatever is clamoring for attention and acceptance, if it’s condemning and sabotaging, is not true. And you owe it nothing. You owe it nothing. YOU OWE IT NOTHING. Not a peek, not a glance, not a whisper, not one word. You owe nothing to this would be condemner.

Rather do you owe everything to carving out your resolve and intent…the inner most you…your real yearnings and heart to heart pullings. These are your true substance, your true essence, your spirituality. And these deserve your defending and proving, your advocating and living. Be who they are pulling you to be. Because this innermost core you is the truth of your being. And as you sculpt your thoughts and carve off the muck that counters your resolve and intent, your true essence will shine. And your resolve and intent will rule the moment…..thought by thought.

I’ll leave off with a poem I first read as a child. It’s called “Life Sculpture”….you’ll see why….enjoy! and don’t forget to leave a comment or be in touch another way if you wanna chat more about any of the above…..and as always…thank you for reading…and happy sculpting! 🙂 ….Tre ~


Life Sculpture, by George Washington Doane

CHISEL in hand stood a sculptor boy
With his marble block before him,
And his eyes lit up with a smile of joy,
As an angel-dream passed o’er him.

He carved the dream on that shapeless stone,
With many a sharp incision;
With heaven’s own light the sculpture shone,–
He’d caught that angel-vision.

Children of life are we, as we stand
With our lives uncarved before us,
Waiting the hour when, at God’s command,
Our life-dream shall pass o’er us.

If we carve it then on the yielding stone,
With many a sharp incision,
Its heavenly beauty shall be our own,–
Our lives, that angel-vision.