One thought shift yields peace

I was up most of the night…thinking…..getting still….not giving in to a lot of unknowns that keep flashing in my thought like banners on a webpage…

Sometimes, the pull to feel anxious over uncertainty outweighs the pull to get calm and still and focused. A really close friend reminds me at times ‘Tre, use your rational mind.” I of course gasp at his big grown up word because in those moments I can’t navigate what’s rationale vs. irrationale. For me, when I’m anxious I become 8 years old. I get lost in that mind mapping….and most of the thoughts mulling about are probably all a bit irrational…

So tonight, as I listened to the multiple sounds of puppies breathing and watched the squirming squiggles of little dachsund bodies dreaming while sleeping, I reached out in thought to grab hold of that all presence of Love I’ve come to trust holds guard over everything…every last detail.

There’s a lot of questions I have….a lot that’s still not yet settled for me…..I’m sifting through a few options on where to dwell permanently, I’m sorting through some financial matters on what I can spend for rent…I’m feeling tugged by a few opportunities that would have me be in three different states at once….a project I long to birth keeps getting put on hold, and then the ongoing considerations of personal growth and goals I seek to fulfil…

But tonight, I took a leave of absence from all these pulls of me…and I went instead to that realm where the affirming of this all presence of Love that is holding guard over all is already establishing the order, governance, and principled outcome of each one of its ideas.

Wars cease with shifts in thinking.
Poverty lessens when humanity outpours love.
Potential violence toward another dissipates when a human heart remembers hope.
Can I commit to insisting these thought shifts are occurring?
By entrenching my own thoughts in that which will evolve peace in my own life….that which will outpour love in my own daily doings, that which will oppress anger and silence my irritated thought that wants to blurt out something unkind.

You hear that statement ‘Be the change”….
Thought by thought we can each create anew our lives…..

I was thinking about this tonight…and a calm sweet assurance of hope came over me……I went to the web and found this sweet campaign: hope revolution….where one woman just started putting notes of hope around a city and blogged about it…and it spread to other cities…and then her friend is now taking these notes of hope with her on her visit to Rwanda which came about simply through her own blog about a woman she met from there and how their budding friendship is now blossoming into a campaign to help further girls’ education in Rwanda.

I think: surely, one thought shift opens the door for broader views and more expanded thinking……

There’s no stagnancy or complacency or apathy where thought embraces possibility …even possibility in the moment.
There’s no shunning of the irreplaceable value of the moment when one sees each as a foundational stepping stone.
There’s no ounce of room for fear when all that is desired can be broken down into manageable step by step, moment by moment, thought by thought doings……

And so I pause …..feel whole……feel calm…..and feel hope…..and recall the beauty of the rain, the real world, one voice ( songs by fave female vocalists)…..and this calm envelopes me and tenderly reminds me: truth is occurring……peace is unfolding… is being…..


The stuff that matters

The stuff that matters….

Hey…’s me…writing again……and ever so grateful to be doin so.
I won’t belabor the point…but the gap in time since the last post occurred for a bunch of reasons which aren’t so important.

What matters is this: each one of our voices….each one counts. Each one is invaluable. Each one deserves to be nurtured, cultivated, expressed, shared.

What matters is how you are caring for your voice…how are you nurturing her/him? How are you cultivating her/him? How are you honoring, adoring, celebrating, cherishing, sharing, and not hiding her or him?

Hiding her or him is easy to do. Not much out there encourages your individual expression. MUCH attempts to squelch it, deny it, reshape it, persuade it, change it, alter its appearance/expression….

Much tries to oust it, write it off, ignore it, even silence it.

Don’t let it.

What matters is soooo honoring, adoring, and loving the voice you are that you defend its worth, merit, and right for self expression at all costs.
And let go of any and all relationships that do not support this effort.
You don’t need them. They’re not supporting you. Let them go.

Let go any and all thought that dissuade your right to be you.
Let go of any and all ideas that doubt your worth or deny your individuality.

Take moments to carve out awareness of who you are and what you think and all you wish to say and be.

And then be that you…..moment to moment….thought by thought.

I’m striving to…and bloggin about it here…..and I welcome your perspective and comments and thoughts on your process.

More soon…hugs and luvs for now, Tre ☺