The only constant is Being

Today’s the first of May. And all day I’ve been thinking about what I should post. A lot is going on. So I thought about writing about change and how I pray about it.

But that’s not really accurate. I don’t pray about change or for it. I pray to understand more about constancy…what is substantial, unchanging, what I can lean on when all else seems unpredictable, uncertain, and ever changing.

So therein lies my topic: that which remains certain and perpetual.
For me that’s the assured relationship each one of us shares with universal intelligence, and its Being–in and of itself. I call this Truth. Truth and its expression…..those are the constants for me. And they’re not ethereal, other worldly entities that I can reach out to feel or be inspired by.

Truth and its expression are right now shaping reality for me, for each one of our lives. It’s like the ocean current and its wave….the sun and its ray of light….it’s the unseen yet always present, always good intelligence that is holding guard over all and the very expression of this being, as seen and felt in all that is good, loving, pure, true, peace.

Maybe it’s cuz it’s the beginning of the month. Maybe it’s cuz it’s a time when a lot is changing for me and people I know. Maybe it’s just cuz it’s worth reminding myself.

But to establish in thought every single day a recognition of the divine Being and its expression—to me this gives meaning to the moment, to the hour, to the day. To establish this awareness gives undergirding or a foundation to all thought. And I find it essential to do so the moment I’m conscious I’m awake in the morning. Doing so helps to calm me, orient me, ground me and tenderly comfort me. And at a time when there may seem to be a ton of unknowns, doing so establishes a sense of peace in thought.

So that’s it for now…for today.
I’d value hearing if you do this as well, or feel free to comment about what you think are the constants in your life.

More soon.

Tre ☺