Thought by thought

“Ask yourself: Where is my thought? What am I thinking about right this moment? What am I dwelling on, churning over, ruminating about? You are living what you’re thinking. Keep it love, keep it true, keep it in the now…”

The above was referred to me years ago by the instructor of a course in metaphysical healing I took as I launched what I’d now describe as my spiritual journey….a conscious commitment to making my spirituality practical moment to moment . Later I would come to devote my life to the full time practice of helping others learn to do so likewise. (see ‘Tre’s services‘ and ‘Tre–this blogger‘).

I nodded, believed I understood what she meant, and went on about my day.

Almost 20 years since this discussion, I’m now certain that learning how to sculpt thought–how to chisel away the muckety muck and shape the form of substance–is an invaluable art, and for me, an essential skill necessary to cultivating and maintaining inner peace.

Think about it. When’s the last time you paused in the midst of your daily doings and asked yourself:

Where is my thought right now? What am I dwelling on? What am I churning over? What’s ruling my feelings, my emotions, my day?

You may well be shocked by your honest answer to each of these questions.

It’s startling at times what we allow to govern our thoughts….to shape the focus of our moments or even still, dictate your mood of the hour, day, week or month.

Yet, learning how to decipher what rules our thinking and better still, learning how to let thoughts be shaped by that which is good, love, unselved, and true–these efforts are perhaps the most important ones you can make toward cultivating and maintaining inner peace. And I would argue the peace of mankind depends on it too.

Try, if just for today, to really get a hold of what you’re thinking about at any given moment.

If what you’re thinking about is giving you warmth, joy, patience, comfort, love, then by all means, continue dwelling there.

But if not, if what you’re thinking about is causing you angst, frustration, resentment, stress, jealousy, or fear of any kind, pause…and listen.

You are not a helpless witness to your life. Nor are you like a loofa sponge stagnant and sitting there absorbing any thought at random. The very ideas you’re thinking are shaping, defining, creating your now. And anything causing you to feel angst in any way at any moment can SHIFT. All it takes is one thought, one moment. And it can start now.

How? By defending in thought that you are an idea, an expression of the One Being, the one Mind or intelligence that causes, orders, sustains, and governs every single aspect of your day to day. As an idea then of this Mind, it is your innate, true nature to express what this Mind is thinking, its very nature and essence.

What is the nature, the essence of this Mind? All that is good, all that is principled, all that is unselved, pure, whole and free. Truth? The nature of this divine Mind is our true essence. And the demand of each moment is to chisel away all that denies this likeness, all the impurities of thought, all that argues, condemns, attacks, or dissuades our true nature.

Why? Because none of us are essentially evil, selfish, self absorbed, or dishonest. And yet, I’m sure as you read those words, you thought of people who seem to be that very description, maybe you’d even classify yourself this way.

But in truth, each one of us is spiritual, the expression of the divine Mind. No one is a victim, imprisoned by societal norms, popular opinions, or even well meaning familial expectations. None of us — or our thinking — can be used, abused, or taken advantage of by self absorption, self justification or self condemnation. And none of us have to stay imprisoned by willfulness or ego. Not ever…and surely not for a single ‘nother moment.

But to prove this — to carve and live out the sculpture of our truth — we gotta get into thought and chisel away the muckety muck thats blemishes, hides, even warps our real essence.

And that’s my intention with this blog — to offer how I’m sculpting thoughts anew….how i’m grabbing hold of the clay that is my thinking and chiseling away at the lumps that condemn, frustrate, anger, or rob me of inner joy and peace…in hopes of simply offering to you a method that works…that heals…..comforts…restores..and assures you of moments of serenity.

The main source of instruction I study day in and day out are the ideas of a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, in her life work: Science and Health. I have another blog that offers my notes as I read this book cover to cover in hopes of helping any new reading comprehend the ideas. Likewise, throughout this blog, I’ll make references to the life of Mary Baker Eddy, for while she dwelled in the late 19th century, her ideas continue to lead and inspire. Surely, she’s a contemporary thought leader who’s continuing to influence millions.

Thank you for reading this blog. I welcome your comments, your questions, your perspective and hope you will share what is working for you in your day to day and moment to moment mental sculpting. You can either choose to submit a comment right here on this blog or you can email me at And if you would like to talk through ideas further, please see my contact information on the ‘about me’ section.

Again, thank you for being a part of this journey.

Peace to you and happy chiseling, Tre ~


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