About me

As a young girl, I climbed trees for fun. I’d run away from home or the classroom, seize any trunk I could find, and ascend its branches, in spite of heights, shaky limbs or whatever. I’d climb, rest, climb some more, rest, and when I’d fall, I’d make sure I’d jump right back into the limbs before anyone saw, not because I was embarrassed, I had playing to do and couldn’t be bothered with first aid and pampering. For amidst the leaves, I emerged into the land of my imagination where I literally spent hours at play, dreaming up imaginary friends, exploring new vistas, having fun.

These days, I’m still climbing, more in thought, ever striving to cultivate inner peace and live that sense of utopian wonder of utter joy, innocence and bliss I knew so well as a child. Probably why i still go by my nickname ‘Tre” (given by a friend at camp in the 70s, and i dropped the extra ‘e’ to reflect my full name) as it’s still kinda fitting. Those who know my heart would say I’m grounded in the stuff that matters. Well, I say I’m getting there. And that’s the purpose of this blog…..to share what’s rooted me, to offer a glimpse at how it is possible to live spiritually now, thought by thought, and to experience perpetual peace, lasting love, true freedom…now.

See, when my parents divorced, the world I’d come to know for 7 years fell apart. My constants — our family, my parents’ love for one another, my dad’s always being there — felt wripped away. All I’d come to trust suddenly felt unreliable I remember feeling alone, afraid, and absolutely lost, in spite of well meaning consolation from loved ones.

Divorce taught me that at best, the love people share can end. Without realizing it then, that one event sent me on a quest to find something I could rely on, something I could trust, something perpetual that wouldn’t be wripped out of my heart.

That something turned out to be the oneness, or inseparable relationship, I share — we all share — with the divine. And I’m blogging about it partly to offer a glimpse of one woman’s journey, partly to openly share what’s working for me as a process of making spirituality practical, and partly to build connections with anyone interested in sharing what’s working for them.

Pivotal to grounding me in this understanding has been my study of a book called Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. I started reading it in my teens and later dove into more in college. This blog will offer how I’m using the ideas in the book to help me live my spirituality day to day, moment to moment, thought by thought. And in offering insights of my journey, my intent is to help the reader claim his or her own right to do the same.

A statement from Science and Health: sums up the nature of why I’m blogging:
“Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.’

So here’s a glimpse of my day to day, thought by thought, how I’m striving to hold to what endures, what’s good, and what’s true.

If you read something you wish to respond to, leave a comment. If you wish me to respond in greater length, email me at evolveserenity@gmail.com.

Feel peace, be well, and much love to you…..Tre ☺


3 Responses to “About me”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Tre. This is a wonderful blog. It touches my heart.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have spent the morning reading a few articles on spirituality.com and came across a few that you had written. I feel as if you were in my head and knew exactly the thoughts I had been thinking recently when you wrote those. Being in the middle of a job search, contemplating a move across country (again!!), packing up my car with everything I own, and in the middle of a relationship that has been on and off for a while now, I can definitely relate. There are so many fabulous ideas in your articles. I am originally from the bay area and have even contemplated moving to Austin (that made me smile when I read that!). Last week in church, someone shared the idea of seeking first the kingdom of God – just as you had said in your article. So helpful!!

    Thanks so much for writing those – I am sure they have helped many young people who are in the middle of trying to find their path in life!

  3. redforkhippie Says:

    Just found you through a WordPress tag search for “Christian Science.” Those searches usually pull up a long list of posts by misinformed people attacking Christian Science out of ignorance or malice. It was SO refreshing to find another blogger speaking honestly and knowledgeably about my favorite subject. Thank you!

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